The 49th Year (a soon to be title)

Wow.  I am 49 years old.  Remember when your parents turned 50 and you thought “My parents are OLD!” And now, that I will turn 50 this year, I am thinking, “I am not OLD!”

50 is the new 40…and I mean that in a good way.  I want a do-over for my 40’s.  You know, the do-over that will be the responsible one (thought I was), or the saving $ one, (thought I was then) or the perfect parent, child, spouse, friend, co-worker one (which I damn well know, I wasn’t then)

So, to cram all of my ooopsies in one basket, I will make-up for these 49 years and make them right BETTER than the last and come into my big 5 0 with no regrets, a few failures and a spiritual greatness that I know lives in me.

How will I make up a decade of shit into one year?  I have no friggen idea!  I am working on my GIFT, my ONE thing that I am so good at, even I can’t figure it out.

Your DREAM has to be greater than your FEAR.

My dream no longer consists of lavish clothing or posh cars and houses…a jet flight to shop in Paris with the BFF.  The dream is to help others, be present in what is simple and relevant and make enough money to travel when and where I want to.  There. I. said. it.

I do have some knowledge of business.  Sales, marketing, promotion, relationship building, communication, phone skills, interaction, design, blue printing, goal setting, procedures and the list goes on.  I have been coached by the best instructors imaginable through phone coaching, books, email, websites, online courses, webinars, academy’s, motivational speeches, podcasts.  Whatever is available, I have probably heard of it, or been through the course.  It is all ‘up here’ (as I point to my head) but where I want it to be is in my heart.

The knowledge and learning does nothing for a person unless you put it to use.  Thanks.  Just today, I was asked to join another training for ‘starting’ an online business.  No, I don’t have another $2000 to invest.  I already did that last year, and haven’t finished that course! You are probably saying….duh, ‘why not!??’

Ever go through that funky, depressing time where you don’t want to do anything, but sit and be?  Make everyone, including your S.O. think that you are fine….smiling and carrying on like you’re in fricken BLISS??  YEP!  I have had lots of those days over the last 2 years.  Last year was the worst.  I am quite sure my horoscope said the same thing.  Bad year….however, I was looking forward to the year 2015….my birthday is on the 15th, it was the year of change for me and the first full year that I was officially an empty nester.  Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful and blessed beyond words….I thank God everyday for my health and my families health.

I also know that God wants us all to use our gift.  The gift we were given to share.  The gift that only you can provide and that makes your heart sing.  Being yourself, your true self.

Steve Harvey: “The most important 2 days of your life is the day you were born and the day you learned what your gift was.”  How amaze balls!!!

So onward ho…to the infamous ‘gift searching’ land.  I was once told.  “Kristi, whatever you put your mind to, you achieve.” Let’s keep saying that, and work some magic upstairs with the BIG guy

Let’s all tackle fear in the a**, and get to our GIFT.








Girls Weekends…yay or nay?

This last weekend, I had some of my girlfriends come up for the 2nd Annual Girls Weekend!! (my BF Moose hunts in Canada…so it’s a great time to get ’em here)

We had a blast!!  There were so many different personalities…which I have ALWAYS had in my friends…but all had one thing in common; forget your troubles today and focus on the FUN of FRIENDS and SHENANIGANS!!

I am so passionate about throwing a good party, but, I LOVE to host themed parties!!  2015 GIRLS WEEKEND THEME: “Funky Boots and Feathered Boa’s”. 2014 theme: “Lumberjack & Lipstick”.  I go all out on this shit!

Since last year was the 1st, there were a lot of things I wanted to change up, and learned from.

  1. Swag Bags
  2. Welcome signature cocktail
  3. Food. Most gals want to bring something…so I let them this year.
  4. Next year, I will pair up teams for meals/appetizers. Team Breakfast, Team Cocktail hour, etc.
  5. Clean out ENTIRE fridge, cuz there ain’t enough room for all our shit! Coolers for all drinks too!

First: Swag Bags.  I wanted to create something “Canadian” and what better to do, then to pick red maple leaves?? I know, right??!!  I mog podged the leaves on brown lunch bags and stamped ‘girls weekend’ on the front of the bags.  My signature on the bottom with a stamp that said: ‘Friendship is a journey of time, love and memories’, and a lil sticker that said “Made in Canada”.

What was IN the swag, you say?  Panty liner (my signature gotogift), small container of tictacs, packet of Tylenol, EmergenC, nail file, pen, chapstick(my BFF had some of her pink ones), cute package of Kleenex, a Canadian Coffee Crisp candy bar, and red tissue paper to throw on top for the American girls and white for the Canadian girls. They were surprised and loved them!

Next, I wanted to make a homemade Fall-ish Sangria for a Welcome drink.  I used Reisling white wine, Capt Morgan Spiced Rum, Apple Cider (which I found out there is NONE in this town, so I had to travel to USA for that), Ginger Ale, cinnamon sticks, 3 Honeycrisp apples, 2 Bartlett pears chopped.  I made it a few hours before arrival and it was amaze-balls!!!

I love me some pinterest ideas, so I did find, in lieu of jello shots, red wine gummies….of course in the shape of a maple leaf!  They were made of sweet red wine, maple syrup(duh!), truvia and gelatin (knox).  Some like em, some didn’t.  (Next year, stick with the jag bombs only, teehee!)

Without breaking all GIRL CODES….that is all for now on that subject, but I will say this: Don’t PLAN so much, keep the hours doing this or that to a minimum….this is time for you to connect with your friends and let the love of girlhood come out of hiding!!!  You can learn a lot from girls that KNOW each other, and those that are GETTING to know each other.  That, my friends, is real.  Schedules, smchedules are for families, working and sex, I mean, love:)  gIrL tImE rules!!

So go ahead, plan in advance, get a few gals to say YES, and have an annual event.  It’s so damn FUN!

Let life keep you passionate…no matter what kind of leaves fall from your tree.

xox Kristi

ps. when i figure out how to post the damn pics….I will throw them on!

Reunions are a B L A S T

Jodi, Michele, Kristi, Natalie

This past weekend was my 30th Class Reunion…how fun!  For those of you that don’t attend them, for whatever reason, I think you should truly rethink your why not.  Here are my 3

  1. Freedom: Be yourself…be free of whatever happened in the past. Reconnect with those you don’t have on social media…they DO exist…check out who has changed the most and the least and get your love on!  It ain’t High School anymore!!  No judging, no clicking (well, not as much as the 10th, haha!)
  2. Fun: It is what you make of it!  Be a fun person, and they’ll know you are fun!  Wallflowers not permitted!
  3. Friends: There’s always something about getting the girls & guys together again…like ALL of them.  The cheerleaders, band members, partiers, jocks,…reminiscing about THAT ONE NIGHT is priceless!!

If you’re still in HS, or waiting for your 10th-50th reunion, just go.  Send in your RSVP or heck, just surprise everyone and show up!  You won’t be disappointed!

ps. Friday nite should be classmates only…Saturday is always great to meet up during the day and introduce the spouse!

Until next time…you are only 8 seconds from your fears…JUST DO IT!